About Birth & Babies

We know that having a baby is an important and special time, but that becoming parents can be exciting as well as daunting and challenging.

"The course was excellent. I came away with a lot of useful knowledge and felt that I could make informed decisions about my labour and birth."
Jacky, Beccles

We want you to be informed and to feel confident during your pregnancy, birth and into the early weeks of parenthood. We hope parents–to-be will go on to enjoy straightforward births using the knowledge and skills they learn in our antenatal classes. Those that have medical intervention will feel better prepared and informed, helping them to understand their experience, following discussion and activities on the course.

We often get asked what the difference is between NHS antenatal classes and what we offer.

An NHS Pathway to Parenthood course is eight hours long made up of two hours with a midwife, four with a health vistor and two with the children’s centre often delivered in a seminar style and usually with double or treble the number of couples that attend classes with us. 

In contrast, our courses are 12 - 16 hours long, typically have six - eight couples attending and are interactive. We have the time to devote to you and your individual needs so can discuss topics in greater detail.  Couples usually form close friendships for support.

We are a group of independent antenatal teachers, who all hold a university accredited qualification in Antenatal Education awarded by the NCT. Our facilitation skills mean that no two courses are the same; we start with a framework and build on that as we identify and discuss what’s important to the women and their birth partners rather than following a prescribed list.

about2 imageAs a local, independent group of teachers, we have the autonomy to offer a more personalised service than national organisations, flexibility in terms of course formats and venues and low overheads are reflected in our course prices.


"Booking a course was definitely one of our best decisions and worth every penny; We would recommend it to any couple expecting their first baby."
Emma & Oliver, Browston

about1 imageEveryone involved in About Birth & Babies lives in Norfolk or north Suffolk; we all have children of our own and established relationships with midwives and other health professionals in the area. This, together with an excellent understanding of the local maternity services ensures our knowledge is up to date and in line with local practice. One of us is also a midwife, one a breastfeeding peer supporter.

Quality standards are monitored and continuous professional development carried out annually. These are strict requirements which we must meet before our Licence to Practice as qualified antenatal teachers is renewed. We are members of the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT). This is a regulatory body who ensure their members meet high professional standards by requiring proof of recognised qualifications for membership. You can therefore be reassured that we are competent to practice.