Free Early Pregnancy Class

Congratulations, you’re pregnant!  
You’ve had a booking appointment and now you would like to know what happens next – perhaps you feel you would like to share your experience, to ask some questions, to look forward to the birth of your baby with eager anticipation and excitement with other like-minded people?  
If the answer is yes - About Birth & Babies offer a free early pregnancy class which aims to give you the chance to celebrate your pregnancy, to explore some common pregnancy concerns, to marvel at how your amazing baby is developing, and to look ahead to preparing for the birth.  
This free, fun and informative session offers some quality time to talk about your pregnancy and meet other local expectant couples, share experiences and form new friendships.  
The class is open to all women who are between 10 and 22 weeks pregnant. Come along with your partner, by yourself, or with a friend.  
These classes include: 

  • Looking after yourself
  • Common concerns during pregnancy
  • Changes during pregnancy
  • Your growing baby
  • Midwife appointments
  • Thinking ahead to where you might like to give birth to your baby
  • And much more

We are in the process of booking our next class. Please check back here or email us on and when ready you can book here to secure your place.