Full Antenatal Course

Our courses cover all aspects of pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. Our aim is for you to finish the course feeling calm, confident, and with a wealth of helpful, practical knowledge so that you feel fully empowered to make the best choices for you and your baby.

We hope you will also have had a lot of fun and made some new friends who are expecting babies at around the same time as you.

“We came to the course with absolutely no experience and feeling like deer in headlights about the pregnancy and birth. We finished the course feeling positive about what lies ahead and more informed about all of our options.”
Katherine, Beccles

We will work with your group to personalise your course according to your needs; however, we would normally expect the following topics to be included in every antenatal course:

• What to expect physically and emotionally before, during and after birth

about2 image • Looking at where you might like to give birth to your baby

• Recognising signs that your labour is becoming established

• Understanding the involvement of hormones in the progress of labour and birth

• Birth companion’s role and helpful, practical tips to support you throughout all stages of the labour and birth

• Coping strategies with an emphasis on active birth and working with your body - bringing together practised visualisation, relaxation, breathing, movement, positions, distraction and massage

• Pain relief options; self-help and medical

• Induction, assisted birth and caesarean birth; what they mean and why they might be offered in plain, simple terms!

• What to expect in the first few weeks with your new baby

• Coping strategies for the transition to parenthood

• Feeding choices; breast and bottle

• Being aware of choices to allow informed decision making

about2 imageAs specially trained facilitators, we encourage group participation through activities and discussion so our courses are interactive! Couples are also able to ask questions throughout. 

Our courses vary in length between twelve and sixteen hours. All include a reunion with the teacher and others who attended the course after the babies are born.

Classes are normally held weekly in the evening for a couple of hours and we may also include a weekend session. We offer a range of formats in a selection of locations around Norfolk and Suffolk.

Our courses are priced between £114 and £140 depending on length and venue which is around £50 cheaper than the equivalent NCT Signature course.

Having facilitated antenatal classes in this area for many years, we know that the majority of expectant parents want to meet others for long-term friendship and support. About Birth & Babies practitioners know the importance of this and are skilled in encouraging groups to form a close network. This is helped by our antenatal groups being relatively small (usually six-eight couples); with plenty of time for social interaction during the course.

“We enjoyed meeting other expectant mums and dads. It was an excellent opportunity to network and for us (not local to the area) a chance to meet others going through the same life changing experience.”
Sarah & James, Norwich

We also offer you an opportunity to widen your network through our social media networking group.

Have a look at the courses we have on offer over the next few months and choose one that suits your due date, your diary, and/or geographical area. If you need any help or more information, please contact us.

We recommend that you choose a course whose end date is at least three weeks before your EDD (estimated due date).