We pride ourselves on the quality of birth education we provide and the personal touch we give. It’s lovely to hear from those we have helped along the journey to becoming parents. Here’s a selection of those testimonials.

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Sian was superb. Not only did she convey information in a palatable and memorable way, but we also found the sessions very enjoyable.

Sian shares a wealth of knowledge in an engaging & inclusive manner and made us all feel a lot more relaxed about the impending birth and life as new parents.

She presented all the available choices around childbirth without bias and prepared us for the road ahead and the decisions we would have to make together.

We would highly recommend booking an antenatal course with Sian.

Paul & Mary, Norwich


We really enjoyed the course and got more from it than we expected to. Ann was very friendly and helpful and it’s been nice to meet and get to know other couples.

What I particularly liked was how we were given information about all options for birth and that we were given an unbiased view. I now feel much more informed.

Rachel & Rob, Mulbarton


We both thought the course was fantastic - we came away feeling totally informed and ready to face birth and parenthood. Your teaching style was relaxed and friendly, yet knowledgeable and supportive. We liked the way the classes were interactive and hands on rather than lecture style and the handouts have been helpful as a recap.

Elliot was rather dubious before attending, but after the first class he came away feeling more relaxed and knowledgeable. I think like a lot of first time dads, he was burying his head in the sand about the birth bit, thinking he had no role to play, but you soon changed his mind about that!

Kate & Elliot, Norwich


We found the course extremely helpful. It covered everything we were hoping it would and it was done in an informative, yet relaxed way.

We feel more empowered to make decisions prior to our labour, yet educated enough to understand things may need to change.

We would thoroughly recommend this course to any new parents to be.

Lauren & Luke, Norwich


We attended a full course with Sian and can highly recommend it to any expecting parents. 

Our daughter came early and very quickly so it was useful to know what midwives and doctors were talking about and asking us. We would have been even more worried and lost if we didn’t have this knowledge. We felt able to make quick decisions, especially since we could not follow our initial birth wishes. 

Sian also taught us how to handle labour, make it more comfortable and explained to partners how they could help which helped me to relax.

MaryLou, Norwich 


Ann was a great teacher - enthusiastic, fun, knowledgeable and patient and made sure that everybody got the best out of the course. The content was well structured and all areas covered thoroughly with an emphasis on enjoying the sessions and bonding as a group.

The friends we made have remained close and our group continues to thrive as we support each other through all manner of ups and downs. 

Booking a course was definitely one of our best decisions and worth every penny; we would recommend it to any couple expecting their first baby.

Emma & Oliver, Browston


Ann was fantastic from the word go. She asked us what we wanted to get out of the course. This flexible approach meant that each topic had been requested by at least one couple within the group.

Ann was accommodating and approachable throughout, showing genuine interest in our pregnancies and excitement for us as we grew closer to parenthood; a well suited tutor for such an important time in our lives.

Sarah, Beccles


We came to the course with absolutely no experience and feeling like deer in headlights about the pregnancy and birth. We finished the course feeling positive about what lies ahead and more informed about all of our options.

We loved meeting other couples also expecting their first baby and hope to stay in touch.

We would highly recommend this course. It was great value and Ann was lovely.

Katherine, Beccles


Sian was knowledgeable, approachable and had an open-mind to all types of birth, baby care and feeding.

We discussed pain relief from natural massage and positive visualisation through to epidurals. We covered assisted births and what to expect during a c-section. We discussed feeding and baby care. Parents’ emotions and mental wellbeing in early parenthood were also highlighted.

Before the classes I thought I would choose a c-section and that there was no way I would be able to breastfeed twins. Sian gave me the confidence to attempt a vaginal birth and to breastfeed as soon as we were able. I managed the natural twin birth and am still breastfeeding 7 months later!

Sam, Norwich


The course was excellent. I came away with a lot of useful knowledge and felt that I could make informed decisions about my labour and birth.

There were a lot of mixed learning opportunities catering for a range of learning styles which kept me focused and engaged.

The course had a friendly relaxed atmosphere (which helped with the group bonding) and great flapjack!

Jacky, Beccles